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The Struggle by Wakeel Sabur

Born sinner, opposite of a winner, I remember eating sardines for dinner!!! Biggie Smalls was so honest with himself and others in his music.

What about your sturggles FB fam? You may be sitting behind a desk now, or got your degree in a field of study, but what about the personal struggles a family member endured to get you over the top? If you forgot them I pray for your down fall because nothing is possible without God. Do you remember eating dry cereal with water when you ran out of milk? What about turning the tv with a pair of pliers? What about yoru favorite sopa opera without sound, so you placed yoru radio on top and tuned into the tv channel on the radio? The roaches so damn big they could move the radio dial from AM 1540 to Power 93. What about leaving the oven door open all night to circulate heat through the house in the winter?

What about having breakfast for dinner? Look at us breaking our necks for a front row seat in Aunt Sarah's and Waffle House after a sweaty night at a club. Some even stoop to be unlike themselves to either, put food on the table for their kids to concentrate on their education, or to keep a roof over their heads.

Back in da dayz

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