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The man locked behind the door. Choose to forgive


People tend to wonder less and speculate more to a prisoners thought patterns. Most people only consider the prisoners a criminal regardless of his or her story. No one never really take into consideration your still dealing w/a human that needs to be wanted, needed to be loved , that's wanting forgiveness for our past based on the people we we're then is not who we are now.

People always discredit the inmate and minimize him or her on the scale they categorize them in. Never really consider that prisoner has feelings.

For the record we don't just sit around . I've been on Buckingham for about 7 months and the prisoners always have one conversation or another going about freedom ,staying on the right path. Consider the loved ones when making every decision. Every conversation leading the a network of like minds that's want to see change and at the same time know and understand I have to hold myself accountable. We all have to ho!d ourselves accountable in one form or another. The circumstances are the same only the characters are different and the scene different also.

We have to consider after years everyone is some one different. The main point is ,twenty years pass nothing is the same. But in the prisoner's thoughts all he want is a chance to live a meaningful life. Take trips w/the family. Work hard for a pay check and feel proud every time you get one. To see the pay check you feel so grateful about what you've accomplished.

In prison guys work for $.27, $.35 and $.45 cent. Guys are excited to work for a prison $.45 check and work hard. To know your contribution get a job done. Its like being apart of a work force. Now I wanna experience that in society so I too will be a asset to my community. I told my mother that I work so hard and enjoy the rewards of working hard once I get a job they gonna say they have their self a real slave...joking naturally. It speaks to the desire to work. And to hear you did a good job is rewarding. And also I wanna consider my boss promoting me as a reward for hard work. I dream of those goals I work towards in my life. I JUST WANNA LIVE !!!


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