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Smith v/s Doe has Gotta Go

March 7th 2023 we gathered peacefully in front of the United States Supreme Court in the twenty year anniversary of the Alaska Supreme Court's decision that states that the sexual public registry is not punishment after the fact. We who live on public registries know the hardship and hurdles we must face each day just to continue to be law abiding citizens. We stand firm that the courts got it wrong and we're asking the courts to overturn that decision. A peaceful vigil took place as a coffin laid in front of The United States Supreme Court to represent all the dead, by suscide or by vigilantes who choose to harass and murder people with such offenses. There was a large crowd of on lookers as well as about 70 attendees who were directly affected by the registry. We hope to be the difference in a world where anyone can be cruel we chose to be kind.

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