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Segregation/ Prison Overdose/ Doing the Right Thing!

As I sit here in segregation I'm asking myself ,how did I get here ? I'm asking because the reason that got me here makes no sense. This what happened in a nutshell .My cell partner overdosed on fitnol and because I assisted w/reviving him I was placed in segregation. Buckingham Correctional Center recently implemented a policy that says no offenders are to assist w/overdoses.

I went to seek out help from staff twice and only after the third time did the staff took what I was saying serious. So yes, I assisted w/reviving my roommate because I couldn't just sit aside while he faced possible death.

The issue here is not just the fact I'm in trouble for helping, its a liability issue they say. Nor the fact the staff didn't take me serious or not .The issue is ,even locked behind prison wall's fitnol is still an issue. I don't blame no one for the fitnol issue in prison because its bigger that than. No one person has an answer to this issue. If it was that simple there really won't be an issue. Its just hard to sit back bare witness to men suffering from this demon called addiction and not feel some type of way.

We all know somebody that suffers from some dependence or another ,but one that may take their life is hard to deal w/. I wish I couldn't say I lost someone to fitnol overdose but I have and its not a good feeling. I would think that anyone that takes drugs is only tying to have a good time, you know enjoy themselves. We have to be honest. Why something that could possibly take your life I would never know. I guess its the arrogance of man. That idea that it can't happen to you always leads you down the wrong path.

Now I sit in segregation awaiting. But the big story is fitnol is a epidemic in and outside of prison. I pray for those struggling w/that disease called addiction. Dang ,I'm really locked behind the door. M.S.Parrott #1093990

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