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Second Chances for Felipe Layug!!

Please give Felipe Layug III (Jun) a Second Chance - Help us get him home!7,541 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!Recent signers

Caroline Rodriguez started this petition to Governor Glenn Youngkin and 4 othersDo you believe in forgiveness, mercy and second chances?Since July of 2004, Felipe Layug III has been incarcerated on an 85-year sentence at the tender age of 21. He left behind his family and 2 sons. These past 17 years has allowed Felipe to define his focus and has afforded him time to mature within self.That said he can honestly say that this time has truly served its purpose in this phase of his life that has become a chapter and not an ending to his story. He has learned so much about himself, life, and others. He has matured into his manhood being born through these trials and tribulations of mother natures. While incarcerated Felipe has cultivated himself mentally, spiritually, physically, and intellectually by learning skills, education, and acquiring certifications that equips him with the resourcefulness to depend on his ability in society and not crime once released.Felipe has embraced the work necessary to face his hang-ups to learn how to remove the thorns from the comprehension of his subconscious to prevent him from making the mistake of blaming others for the pain in his life or the pain of his past. It hasn't been easy for him, yet it was necessary which has taught him the power of choice regardless of who or what the outside influences present themselves to him as. He understands now that his life and the health of it is contingent upon the choices he makes from here on out and he has chosen the brighter side of life. With having and desiring so much he wants to offer from becoming the man his mother, father, and sisters dreamed of him becoming; and his sons being extremely proud of, we just ask that you take some time to consider what actually took place.      On July 26th, 2004 Felipe Layug and his co-defendant were getting ready to head home and as they were walking passed a hallway door they walked passed 2 men standing and talking by their patio. His co-de looked at him with an intense stare and went back the same way they just had come from. He knew something wasn’t right about that look, so as soon as he came back around the corner he seen his co-defendant with his gun drawn while going through one of the victim’s pockets. Then the other victim stepped out the house and was surprised to see them out there and realized his friend was getting robbed. Up until that exact point he didn’t have anything to do with the situation. However, the second victim moved in the direction of his friend to probably assist him and that’s when he intervened… he drew his gun on him and told him to “chill.” He did not want the situation to turn into a possible shooting or a senseless murder. Then he let the second victim go and grabbed the first victim as his co-de searched the second victim for anything of value. He escorted the first victim into the apartment and stopped in the living room. As they stood there for four minutes the first victim offered Felipe what money he had left in his possession and he told him he didn’t want anything from him. His co-defendant asked where the car keys were, first victim said they were in the car, so they walked them to the car. Felipe got in the passenger seat, his co-defendant got in the driver seat and they drove off. His co-defendant was murdered that same night in an unrelated situation. Although we do not condone any of his crimes or charges, the belief that his sentencing was harsh is an understatement.From that incident Felipe was charged and convicted of 16 felonies, sentenced to 160 years with 75 suspended. Leaving him with 85 active years to serve, which is the rest of his natural life for a crime that was appropriate for a 10-15-year sentence due to the role he played in the crime of what took place.Felipe's family and friends are desperate for him to be released back to where he belongs. He has accepted his wrongful choices he made as a teenager, however his character and personality does nothing but bring positive vibes and enlightenment to the lives that interact with his presence.If you believe Felipe Layug lll deserves a second chance at freedom, family, and life then please take one more minute of your time to sign this online petition in support of the current governor releasing him of reducing his remaining sentence. He truly thanks you all for the time you have taken to read this info and for providing your assistance in whatever capacity you can. His family also thanks you for your thoughts and prayers in believing that this aim will turn out favorable for him. He will do right by the love, mercy, understanding invested. 

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