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Laquan Stone Second Chance Virginia DOC

Second Chance Through Parole434 have signed. Let’s get to 500!At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!RecruiterPATRICIA FITZGERALD signed this petition

Laquan Stone started this petitionThis Petition is LaQuan's request for your help, through signature, In obtaining an early release on parole due to his jury not knowing parole had been abolished before sentencing him. And, also due to LaQuan's overall rehabilitative process, described below, that will assist him towards becoming a productive citizen upon release. He can not correct the wrong he has done. He only ask for Mr. Averrette family's  forgiveness. He can not change his past actions. Thanks for your time spent reading this.1) LaQuan Deshea Stone, D.O.C. #1163284, is presently confined at Buckingham Correctional Center, located in Dillwyn, Virginia. He is a first-time offender who was convicted, in 1998, of first-degree murder with firearm, and sentenced to a thirty-three (33) year prison sentence, by jury. He has served roughly seventy-two (72%) percent of his sentence, about twenty-four (24) years. His mandatory release date is March 2027.  Each prisoner, under the parole system, has one hearing per year to determine if parole will be granted or denied. This will be LaQuan's third year, requesting parole.2) His incarceration stemmed from one relationship that, throughout the course of several years, eventually went wrong. He and then wife were separated, but was still seeing each other. One night, at her apartment, a shooting occurred causing the death of Mr. Averrette.3) LaQuan was then found guilty and sentenced by a jury that was not aware that parole had been abolished, in Virginia. Before deciding Stone's sentence, his jury asked: What is "parole eligibility" on his sentence? At the time procedural law prohibited judges from informing any juries that "parole eligibility" would not be available due to parole being abolished, in Virginia. His jury had a mandatory/predetermined sentence of twenty-three (23) years, as a starting point, and without his jury understanding that parole would not be available to him, requested a sentence of thirty-three(33) years.Approximately twenty-two years later, Virginia law was amended to provide an avenue for those prisoners who were sentenced by juries, between 1995-2000,  who were not aware that parole had been abolished. Each prisoner sentenced in this fashion was made parole eligible, in 2020. If the jury would have known that parole was abolished there is a possibility that most prisoners would have received a lesser sentence.4) LaQuan's history in brief consist of: graduating from high school and did not commit a crime until the age of twenty-two (22), a misdemeanor assault and battery and current conviction. Both offenses surrounded the same relationship.5) His institutional history consist of: having served almost 24 years of a 33 year sentence, one minor institutional infraction all throughout (failure to stand for count, in 1998), maintained employment while in prison (barber), currently enrolled in college, has obtained 41 college credits while in prison ("B" average), low security level score (negative two), taken/passed COMPASS Assessment test several times, no mental/physical/ or drug issues, upon immediate release work as a barber, and home plan with a solid support system.He truly appreciates your help, and will do everything within his power to live  life the right way. Again thank you!I can send and receive emails through the jaypay app(download the jaypay app and enter my info below).I  hope to hear from you soon!Thank YouLAQUAN DESHEA STONE #1163284P.O. BOX 430BUCKINGHAM CORRECTIONAL CENTERDILLWYN, VIRGINIA 23936 

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