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Is Parole a Privilege?

Parole is indeed a privilege once a person has been convicted of a crime that is governed by the Virginia law. Many believe that the parole law is a right but it’s not, it’s  just as any other gateway law that was elected as a privilege second chance. As a community is formulated and agree on policies that best fit the community and the rest of the world. It becomes popular law when crime goes up and people want to know how can they get a second chance to prove their self . Everyone commits a crime at some point in their life, it may just not be a popular crime but an act that may be contrary to the Virginia Law. After such behavior one then begins to better their selves because it natural to do so , big issues or small. Now will one be repetition is the next question , along with how long before they do such act again.   No one is exempted in the great parole of life . This is similar yet with a choice. These choices are provided by the world and the life skills that one is taught at home allows one to navigate through these choices and conquer them with flying colors. Many of us has which are those that help create the laws and statues  that govern the land (voters). 

Now when these skills are not administered properly at home then they leave anyone great hope for failure in this great life of choices. Crime gets higher depending on the class of neighborhood , so looking at a person address we can tell what some of the choices a person could be facing everyday . Its proof when parents are away from the home for too long and away from the child is not good. Even when the physical body is there and the mind is not we still don’t have a full parent . Which in turns still leads poor administration of skills. Who’s the fault the child or parent or both ? why should a child be at fault ? What excuse could a parent have to not want to raise their child? Many would say work (the economy ).” we are gone a lot because we had to work to pay bills” has been the common saying for poor teaching. Its not that the parent taught the child wrong its that the child made his or her decision law because no-one isn’t around to veto it. We as adults know how a belief in something can be. Just think if you were a young inventor with no rules. The blame becomes a fine line, that’s why as intelligent people we have programs staged in place for second chances because we know that we all make mistakes and we know why. Offering the programs with a structured outline in place will further correct that problem , with not just the person but crime once he or her re-enters in society and shares their blessings.

It's  a great responsibility when you’re in a position to influence crime and a second chance to life. Regardless of position on the playing field everyone is important when it come it establishing law. 

The parole second change program starts when a person enters their city or county jail. Their behavior is monitored and record from blood work to mental Evaluation  . At that point they are offered  an education program if necessary to further their education. Religious base groups are also offered if a person feels that religion can assist with them becoming a better person in their future in devils. A lot of programs that the state offers are indirectly tied into making a person better when they go through a correctional facility it just has to be pinpointed and utilized accordingly. The Parole Board tends  to use some of these programs as guidelines to decide whether a person is worthy or has grown from year to year as they review them at their hearings. Breaking Barriers , Commitment to Change, and Substance abuse are some of the programs that the parole board uses to make certain decisions about a persons mental well-being and if they can adapt to society . As a person continues to go through their legal process in a city jail all their moves from visitation to medical is noted . Though the city and state are two entities they work hand and hand .Once  a person exit the city /jail they're then passed  off to the states data based where a more intense study is done. Their reclassified based on their current status and offense and a more intensified process starts where a person has to begin to rehabilitate themselves with a few incentives to encourage them to do better. They can get paid for going to school and for attending self health programs which encourages  them to work up the workforce chain to show that they are willing to advance. after a year worth of schooling and programming to either get a GED or some type of work certificate by a trade class . They are then reevaluated after 12 months  to check qualifications for parole release eligibility. 

This process continues on a yearly as a prisoner continue to reestablish character  and worldly morals . 

The prisons has many programs to assist prisoners in advancing their skills. They even pay them to encourage them for the good work. The same for educational programs, the state pays  small but the state does pay each person that attends accordingly. So there’s  really is no reason for failure of one’s mind and body as the institution does provide the tools even on the physical level it’s has  exercise tools such as weightlifting or bodybuilder areas .

As the Parole program also has got line set up for the handicap and old, to assist them as they age and transition into the world. As a prisoner ages and grows they also have an opportunity to take a vantage of the Prisoner accounting System that they can use to save the money they earn  or spend it accordingly. Again these are only programs offered by the state and the parole board to assist prisoners or those that have been convicted of a crime. Programs in the sense of a curriculum of options provided to assist one or a group of people .

One of the biggest concerns of the Parole Board is the victims in a situation that involves more than one party. It is very important that the board has the concerns of the victims in mind when it comes to their life changes their feelings their losses their gains and how they are greatly impacted by someone else’s behavior when they are making a decision to release someone or to defer someone for a greater period of review. The board also reviews a prisoner to seek out signs of compassionate, regret and forgiveness for those who have done harm or crime to another. A angry intent can  only equal a angrier outcome. The Parole Board Contacts the victims to ensure them that they understand the process that takes place with the Virginia law and the parole program. It’s very important that they understand this when they are the victims in this all in those circumstances and that their state supports them throughout their hardship.This goes a long ways when establishing good State and Mental  health.

On the other hand the parole board has a direct relationship with the prison administration workers , they have this to ensure a clear view in most cases whether prisons are improving or not improving through the pool recommendations of the staff who are around them on a daily basis. There are quite a few things that would make a person in eligible for the Parole program. Such as not attending school, the work  force or trade programs that’s offered . Poor behavior can also lead to an eligibility that is normally monitored by the prison staff workers and counselors and recorded and reported through a state behavior program called the IOP and the DOP.  This behavior modification process is recorded over the duration of a prisoners stay in the Department of Correction. 

If a prisoner is granted parole then the parole board and the probation office works hand-in-hand by helping to establish a better life with structure for the Parolee.

These are just a few guidelines for Parole in Virginia.

By: Alfonza L. Campbell 

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