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I’m Not Your Friend


I myself am an incarcerated father. I left my son in 1998. After I was sentenced he and I had a minimal to non existent relationship. Only interacting through letters from my mother. The lack of a true father-son bond I take full responsibility for. Now he is 30 and a father himself. Due to my absence in his life I allowed the "bro" talk. In my mind feeling that I owed him that, that granting him that freedom would assist in strengthening our bond. All was peace until he decided to move past that realm of "bro" and sent me a message as if I was a "dude" off the block or one of his homies he had an issue with. The next time we spoke I immediately deaded that "bro" talk. Now it's Pop, Dad, Yes Sir or No Sir as it should have been all along. Regardless of my residence I am an adult, as well as, his father. PBP!! And once again being that I was not there for him as I should have been I feel it in his responses. As stated in the original "I'm Not Your Friend", we are the catalyst for the actions of our offspring. Ofc fingers can be pointed but accountability must be taken. We are obligated to rear our children. Most of us were young parents. Ignorant to what is necessary to raise children. Under the false impression that we knew more than those that raised us. Each generation "we" want to remove something from our parents lexicon of teachings. Because of that we have lost what made us strong - UNITY!!!

"It takes a village to raise a child"

From the age of 4/5- 10 I lived in North Phila. - 21st and Ontario. During those years I witnessed, but didn't understand, what that statement meant: Caring, Love, Comradeship, Assistance, Guidance, Respect and so much more. In today's time we are so far removed from those sentiments that it seems we are living in a Bizarro world where all is backwards. Kids are the parents and parents are the kids. Yes, we all have to make allowances for change as this world continues to evolve but must we sacrifice the things that got most of us where we are??? Yes I'm in prison but that fact holds no bearing on my respect for my mother, other adults in my family, elders and people in general. I say Yes Sir/No Sir, Yes Ma'am/No Ma'am, Please/Thank You. At the current rate and state of affairs at this moment imagine the level of disrespect and discontent your children's children will display towards those they encounter. If you have the unmitigated gall to disregard the position of authority that the one that birthed you deserves what chance does any other person have?????

Respect Twin!!!

Am I my brother's keeper!!!!???

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