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I’m Going to Die Here…

I was paroled in 1981' . I met Bernardo Coles during my incarceration. I had already done over 2 years in the State Penitentiary when I was shipped to James River Correctional Center.That is where I met 'Nardo, that is what I call him. After our discussions & differences , we became the best of friends. One thing that I noticed about 'Nardo he said very little & was very thorough, that was over 30 years ago closer to 35 years. Since then I've had the opportunity to talk with Bernardo even much more in the last few years. He is a changed person. I know he is mainly because I'm a changed man. It takes a changed person to tell when one has changed. Even Bernard's conversations is not the same. The last thing he said to me Giles, I believe that I'm going to die in here. I couldn't in good faith comfort him. Because I in surety couldn't tell him that he wouldn't. I didn't want to give Bernardo a false hope. But Bernardo said;

Although I'm going to be content because I know who's I am and where I'm going no matter where I'm at. That at that time was a testimony to me. I would just like to say, to me --- look like the system is more geared towards punishment than rehabilitation. I'm not trying to offend anyone, but it seems that way to me. If you knew like I know Bernardo deserves another chance in society. We all wrestle with stuff in our past (the old man).Yet he, realize he has the victory & has come out as white as snow. Yet, Bernardo is human and we get weak sometimes.

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