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Happy Birthday Mama Love from Behind Bars


Mrs Cissy, Ma Duke, or Ma, are some of the names people call you, but you're my wildflower, and I want to take this time to say thank you.


For comforting me when my big wheel was stolen. "Don't cry, be a big boy. We'll get it back," and we did.

For holding it down when they tried to jump me. I ran but you found out. "You can fight them or you gone fight me! Your choice." My Lil 5 year old mind was like "shoot I'mma fight them," and I did.

For schooling me about my first crush; "but Ma she keep trying to fight me at the monkey bars!" "Boy them love taps, she like you," and she did.

For checking me concerning my first heartbreak. "You crying?! All them Lil gal's you have running in and out of my house, and you mad at her! Boy stop it!" I wore it; chin up and shoulders back.

For holding it down when I caught this case. "Son you made this bed; lay in it." "But Ma, everybody left me for dead..." "Momma ain't going nowhere. I'm gone be right here, til God call me home," and you meant it.

YOU INSPIRE ME to do better.

YOU ENCOURAGE ME to be better.

I thank God everyday for creating you. For giving you the strength, power and love, to create me. For making you my MOTHER and my FATHER... My sister and my brother... You're EVERYTHING to me... On Feb 5th we celebrate the day you were born, but I celebrate you EVERY DAY I LIVE... I love you wildflower.


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