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Fifteen to Life

I'm writing today in support for Anthony McGivery. Mr. Mcgivery was only 15 years old at the time of his conviction. He is now 42 years young, spending decades in prison and getting the rehabilitation he needs from Department of Corrections to come outside those walls and live as a successful man.

Since incarceration I have become to know Mr, McGivery and I have found not only is he a survivor but he is a success story. He has used his time wisely to become a better man in society. I believe Anthony deserves a second chance even tho his past is filled with hurtful things we must learn people change and with that we must forgive.

We must also take in consideration that we don't understand or know the before life of Mr. McGivery, he is a survivor of so many things it's unbelievable at the hurdles he has walked through to get to where he is today. He is currently housed at Buckingham Correctional Center in Virginia and he needs your support in order to obatain his freedom as a Juvenile Offender under Virginia law. Together we can be stronger together.

Mr. McGivery was give 98 years he will never see the outside world unless we continue to push for changes and show that what Department of Corrections has done for him, they have made him into the man he is today not that teenage boy who made poor choices 25 years ago.

We would appreciate your support in anyway possible.

Anthony McGivery # 1157254

Buckingham Correctional Center

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