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*Even Trash is Recyclable*


By the parole board using ,serious nature of the crime ,release now would diminish the seriousness of the crime, violent history ; and attempt to justify the term violent history. They say its"procedure" why a conviction is considered your history. They are using the dynamics of the conviction/crime in several different ways to not grant parole. Its like asking the same question ,or making a statement three different ways but you actually saying the same thing.

A wonderful human being named Tammie Lawson said to me ," the Criminal Justice System throw human brings away as trash, oh ,even trash is recyclable. " That instantly got my attention. She was right. By the Commonwealth of Virginia constantly denying the convicted at a second chance you are clearly saying they are no more use to you or no one else, beneath trash.

I told myself that I will not allow the circumstances of parole psychology deter me from accomplishing my goal. My goal is to prove to whom ever I am not non recyclable trash. In order to establish that I am worthy of a second chance, and I know so many just like myself, I'll have to address the room .You can not tell me I am this violent offender w/a violent conviction as your sole evidence and I accept your rationale .

How can you justify an injustice w/little too no proof to confirm your reasoning. The Constitution guarantees each American of equal justice under the law. So how is it for the case in name sake (Fishback),which many as well as myself are parole eligible ,we are not giving the same relief ? A question to consider. A question I considered. I was just thinking.

I was thinking how could there ever be justice when there is no understanding or empathy of someone else's story. There is a such thing as redeemed. In the bible Jesus speaks of redemption. In the bible Jesus speaks of forgiveness .Now the question is, can YOU forgive ?

Musa Salam Parrott #1093990

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