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Donations for Vigil and Conference

Over the course of the past few weeks, I sent out multiple emails to everyone, including a solicitation for funds. But times are apparently tough, and my fundraising drive has, to put bluntly, sucked.

My Girlfriend and I am NOT going to the conference. We are ONLY going to the vigil. I feel it is very important to attend an OPEN and PUBLIC event. We need to be there en masse! If you can attend, go, even if you hate some of the attendees.

In past events, ARM activists have had to deal with vigilante groups trying to intimidate us.

In 2007, members of Perverted Justice (under the banners of Absolute Zero United and Women Against Seual Predators aka WASP), along with BACA and Judy Cornett (the biker lady from the Untouchable film) protested our first open rally in 2007 and they FAILED.

In 2012, Absolute Zero United and the infamous Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst tried to derail the RSOL conference and FAILED.

Now, a small group of wannabe vigilantes calling themselves "VoidSec" is raising money to confront us in DC.

I simply don't have the finances to attend and the OnceFallen budget has not raised much since the summertime.

Sadly, costs to attend these events are always high.

Thankfully, someone has opened a home for my girlfriend and I to offset hotel costs, so I only need to raise the funds for the ride to DC. BUT, that's still not going too well.

Unfortunately, I don't have any kind of online payment services. I can only accept cash, money order payable to

Derek Logue, 2211 CR 400, Tobias NE 68453

I need to raise at least $900 to attend and I'm less than halfway there. If you can donate, please let me know.

Don't let the trolls win! They're gloating at my failure! At the least, we can outraise them!

Derek W. Logue of

Registered Citizen/ Civil Rights Advocate


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