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Death Sentence

Jamar speaks...


I am a humanitarian because of my eagerness to help others in whatever way I'm capable of.

I am compassionate because of my ability to overlook and forgive.

I am analytical because I understand I must do this in order to have Allah do this with me!

I am mentally strong because of my determination to never give up! Along with my humility in submitting to the Lord.

I am dignified in my refusing to live any way other than the way of a true man.

I am your father teaching you a life lesson! Your brother from another mother!

I am your son, whom can never do wrong :-)

I am your friend! The one you share your secrets with!

I am your husband that tends to your heart!

I am the leader you trust and can depend on.

I am a writer, with stimulating words, thought provoking ideas and motivating speech.

I am the missing piece in society.

I am the voice of reasoning to young men that would bring about change.

I am both sides of the fence.

I am the harmonious tone the youth will bob their heads to.

I am the souls of my ancestors living on.

I am their fight. I am the tears they cried. The hope they carried.

I am their plight.

I am the voice of incarcerated souls.

I am patience.

I am perseverance

I am love even though all I see is hate

I am worthy, even though I'm treated as worthless

I am the mind of a king!

Jamar Paxton Sr.

1121199 Virginia

Can be reached through jpay #1121199

*Jamar Paxton was convicted of murder under the concert of action doctrine despite not killing anybody. He is incarcerated in Virginia.

*Many thanks to Jamar for his contribution to the "I AM Project."



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