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Call to Action- Immediate Attention Required


Hello everyone,

I am posting this call to action for Mr. Glenn R Scott #492273. He is currently at Trumbull Correctional Institution. Mr. Scott was moved to Trumbull Correctional facility on a visitation hardship transfer so his wife and children wouldn’t have to travel long distances to see him. He has not had a ticket and has not been a disciplinary problem while at Trumbull. Mr. Scott found out today that he is being transferred to Warren Correctional facility in Cincinati, Ohio this will place an extreme hardship on his family. His family will have to drive 6hrs round trip to see him. I could understand transferring him if he had been a disciplinary problem, but that is not the case. His children should not have to suffer and endure a 6hr trip just to see their father. Mr. Scott has followed the rules and his good behavior should be rewarded not punished. Please help us help Mr. Scott by calling Trumbull correctional facility and expressing your concern in this matter. Ask why his children will have to suffer when Mr. Scott is following the rules. Thank you so much for your support! Together we can make a difference.

The phone number for Trumbull Correctional is


Ask to talk to the warden’s office

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