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A Mothers Love…We Need Second Chances

We need jails, prison and places of correction. This is a fact! But so too do we need judges, parole board members and lawmakers who couple justice, with mercy. As a mother, l make no excuses for my son. My heart aches for every individual my son has ever hurt. As a human being, I well understand that we must pay for our wrong acts committed against other human souls. But, I cannot accept nor understand throwing people away, like one would discard trash. Have you ever made a horrible decision when you were young? I would to admit, that I have made many! As a seventeen, eighteen, or twenty one year old, have ever hung out with the wrong crowd or displayed destructive behavior? Again, I am guilty! No, not everyone deserves a second chance, This too is reality, But we must be ever careful not to overlook. The ones who actually do! When it comes to my son Damyel Harris, I watched a young wayward young man make a ton of bad decisions! But as I live, that same son has become a responsible person who wishes to make things right. He entered jail as a twenty one year old, He's now almost fifty. Know what twenty six years of incarceration has revealed to me!it showed me that people can change! At visitation I sit across from a person whom I not only greatly respect, but one who's made me proud! A life sentence says he'll never change, I tell you that he has! Life basically says that he's still the same young thug who hurt me and so many others all those years ago. I tell you, That's A Lie, yes we need justice!But justice is cruelty when it lacks Forgiveness and mercy.!

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